[c]/sprɪŋ / (say spring)

verb (sprang or sprung, sprung, springing)
verb (i)
1. to rise or move suddenly and lightly as by some inherent power: to spring into the air; a tiger about to spring.
2. to go or come suddenly as if with a leap: blood springs to the face.
3. to fly back or away in escaping from a forced position, as by resilient or elastic force or from the action of a spring: a trap springs.
4. to start or work out of place, as parts of a mechanism, structure, etc.
5. Also, spring forth, spring out, spring up. to issue suddenly, as water, blood, sparks, fire, etc.
6. to arise by growth, as from a seed or germ, bulb, root, etc.; grow, as plants.
7. to proceed or originate, as from a source or cause.
8. to have one's birth, or be descended, as from a family, person, stock, etc.
9. to rise or extend upwards, as a spire.
10. to take an upward course or curve from a point of support, as an arch.
11. to start or rise from cover, as partridges, pheasants, etc.
12. to become bent or warped, as boards.
13. to explode, as a mine.
14. to lose resilience by impairment of the springs, rubber, etc., used.
15. Obsolete to begin to appear, as day, light, etc.
verb (t)
16. to cause to spring.
17. to cause to fly back, move, or act by elastic force, a spring, etc.: to spring a lock.
18. to cause to start out of place or work loose.
a. to undergo the splitting or cracking of: the ship sprang a mast.
b. to cause or bring about the splitting or cracking of: the last blow sprang the axe-handle.
20. to come to have by cracking, etc.: to spring a leak.
21. to explode (a mine).
22. to bring out, disclose, produce, make, etc., suddenly: to spring a surprise.
23. to equip or fit with springs.
24. to cause to lose resilience, as by extending the springs too far: to spring a racket.
25. to leap over.
26. to make a surprise attack on (someone).
27. Colloquial to come upon (someone) unexpectedly doing something wrong; catch out.
28. Colloquial to cause or enable (someone) to escape from prison.
29. to obtain the release of (a prisoner) on bail.
30. Colloquial to catch (someone) in the performance of a misdemeanour, felony, etc.: *Those ousted from the 1991 list include former soccer great Diego Maradona who was sprung using cocaine –west australian, 1991.
31. a leap, jump, or bound.
32. a springing or starting from place.
33. a flying back from a forced position.
34. an elastic or springy movement.
35. elasticity or springiness.
36. a split or crack, as in a mast; a bend or warp, as in a board.
37. an issue of water from the earth, flowing away as a small stream or standing as a pool or small lake, or the place of such an issue: mineral springs.
38. a source of something; a beginning or cause of origin.
39. the rise of an arch, or the point or line at which an arch springs from its support.
40. the season of the year between winter and summer; in the Southern Hemisphere, usually understood to include September, October, and November.
41. the first and freshest period: the spring of life.
42. (sometimes upper case) the early stage of a process of political liberalisation in a totalitarian regime, often instigated as a result of popular protests, demonstrations, etc.; usually qualified with the name of the country or area undergoing the change: the Prague Spring; the Arab Spring.
43. an elastic contrivance or body, as a strip or wire of steel coiled spirally, which recovers its shape after being compressed, bent, etc.
44. any device or contrivance designed to impart resilience or elasticity, as one of a set of rubber strips running down the inside of the handle of a cricket bat.
45. Nautical a mooring rope passing astern from the bow or ahead from the stern.
46. (of pork) the belly.
47. Obsolete the dawn, as of day, light, etc.
48. of, relating to, characteristic of, or suitable for the season of spring: spring flowers.
49. sown in the spring, as a cereal forming a second crop.
50. young: spring chicken.
51. resting on or containing springs: a spring bed; spring mattress.
52. spring up, to come into being; rise or arise: *At the centre of the premier's gripe was the `lousy' architecture that he claimed characterises many of the units which have sprung up in Sydney over the past few decades. –aap news, 2000.
{Middle English; Old English springan}
springless, adjective

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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